Colorado thief steals trailer with baby’s ashes inside


Photo: KDVR

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DENVER — A thief stole a Colorado couple’s trailer, but what was inside can’t be replaced.

Tonya and Jurmal Taylor’s daughter Angel died two months ago when she was only 7 months old, KDVR reported.

Tonya said they put her ashes in their pop-up trailer along with her other things.

When they got back from work earlier this week, the trailer was gone. A witness said a man hitched up the trailer to a truck and drove away with it.

The grieving parents are shocked someone would take it, but the loss of what they had left of their daughter stung so much more.

They’re pleading for the thief to realize his wrong and make it right.

“The trailer isn’t what holds my heart, it’s the remains inside the trailer that mean the world to me,” Jurmal said. “If you can find it in your heart to bring that trailer back and drop it off, I won’t press charges, I won’t pursue you. Please give us our things back, please, I’m begging you.”

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