Collierville’s Sycamore Elementary moves to virtual learning after uptick in COVID-19 cases

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Sycamore Elementary School in Collierville is moving to remote learning after a COVID-19 outbreak in the school.

Students at Sycamore Elementary School spent the day taking their classes at home. In a tweet, the district informed parents that classes would be done remotely Friday due to a COVID-19 cluster.

School district officials say they have notified all close contacts, and the cluster is still under investigation. No one is allowed in the school for the next 24 hours and after that, a custodial crew will come in to thoroughly sanitize the entire campus.

Officials have not said how long students will continue remote learning.

Infectious disease specialist and member of the Shelby County and Memphis COVID-19 task force Dr. Manoj Jain says the decision on how long a school will be closed is done a case by case basis.

“The health department works with the school and looks at the cluster and how extensive it is and based on the number of the students who have been infected, we will work out how long the school needs to be closed,” Jain said.

Next week marks the beginning of fall break for sycamore Elementary School students, giving school officials time to determine when they will resume in-person classes.

Jain says now is the time for parents to make sure they are keeping their children safe and healthy.

As of Friday, the Shelby County Health Department reports more than 3,000 kids have tested positive, making up 10% of the total cases in the county.

“It’s going to be very important for parents to make sure that they’re children are not exposed to a lot of other children, or when they’re traveling or meeting friends and family that they are properly masked,” Jain said.

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