Collierville woman says she lost $2,000 in scam involving gift cards

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A pile of gift cards and a fraudulent check are all part of an alleged scam that cost a Collierville woman thousands of dollars.

The woman doesn't want to share identity.

She says she was selling furniture on Craigslist for $950, when a California woman named Jessica Nguyen offered to buy it.

"So, I was happy that somebody said they wanted to buy it for that amount," the woman said.

The victim says Nguyen wrote her a check for nearly $3,000, telling her the extra money was for movers the victim would have to pay in cash.

She says everything was going fine until this past Sunday when the furniture was supposed to be picked up, but nobody came.

She says Nguyen backed out of the sale because of a death in the family and asked the victim to refund her by buying iTunes gift cards and sending her the codes.

The victim says she bought $2,000 worth and sent the codes before thinking what was happening was strange.

"I felt like something wrong," she said.

That's when she went to the bank and found out the check was fraudulent.

We called Nguyen and left a message, but she has not called us back.

Now, the victim is $2,000 in the hole with bills piling up.

"If I could get my money back I would be very happy," she said.

But it'll be tough to get back.

For starters, she'd have to file a police report in whatever California city Nguyen is in since that's where she allegedly committed the crime.

"If there's anyway I can get some sort of justice out of it I'll be satisfied," the victim says.

Collierville police suggest you never enter into a transaction involving gift cards.

They say that's a sign that it's a scam.

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