Collierville prosecutor resigns after controversial social media posts

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Collierville Assistant Town Prosecutor Mike Cross, who faced scrutiny for some controversial social media posts that voiced support for White Nationalists, resigned Tuesday afternoon, town authorities said.

Cross cited health reasons, and said his resignation was effective immediately.

Dist. Atty. Gen. Weirich said in a statement Tuesday she revoked Cross’ authority to act on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office in the Town of Collierville.

Weirich noted Cross is hired, paid and supervised by the Town of Collierville. Suburban city attorneys are given authority by the D.A.’s office to handle state criminal matters.

Court documents show Cross wrote a controversial post shortly after a 32-year-old woman was killed at a White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia two years ago. His comments are now public due to a federal lawsuit involving a former MLGW employee.

The former MLGW employee, Mike Goza, is suing MLGW after he was demoted for making racist remarks at a rally downtown two years ago. In Goza’s recent lawsuit paperwork, Cross’ post was mentioned showing support for White Nationalists.

His Facebook post is below.

“As for Charlottesville what’s not being emphasized is why the White Nationalists came prepared to fight. In fact. however. [sic] they came prepared to defend themselves as a result of what happened in NOLA. In NOLA the pro- Confederate legacy supporters came unarmed in street clothes and got the hell beat out of them by BLM, Antifa and their ilk Charlottesville, however was going to be different [sic] This time the “good guys” were ready to defend themselves- [sic] and they did! And that’s what’s giving Leftists heartburn [sic] They can’t stand it when God-fearing patriots stand up to them-and win! When the good guys get fed up and truly truly organize there is nothing patriots can’t accomplish…”

Cross’ comments received backlash because he’s a public official who represents people of all backgrounds as an attorney. Cross is also a former Memphis police officer.

WREG went to the Collierville courthouse on Tuesday to talk to Cross about these statements, but we were told court wasn’t in session. We also went to his listed address, but no one came to the door.

The city of Collierville released a statement saying, “Our town attorney is looking into and providing counsel on this issue.” A spokesperson went on to say they don’t comment on personnel matters like this.

We also emailed Cross trying to get his side of the story but have not yet heard back.

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