Collierville residents waiting for city to solve frequent flooding problem

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Residents in a Collierville neighborhood are waiting for a serious flooding problem to be fixed.

Heavy rain always leads to flooding in the area of Peterson Lake and Powell Road. While first instincts might blame the drains in neighbor the problem might actually drain in other areas.

Heavy rain turns the intersection of Peterson Lake and Powell Road and the streets around it into a danger zone.

Candace Johnson says six to seven inches of water builds up in front of her house when it happens.

"It's that much water when it rains. You'd be surprised how fast it builds up," Johnson said.

She’s seen accidents because of it.

"I've had people come in my yard before," Johnson said.  "I think they might have hydroplaned."

She largely blames this small drain in front of her house that clogs all the time.

"It doesn't take long to fill up," Johnson said.

Mark Heuberger, Public Information Officer for Collierville, says he isn’t sure the drains in Johnson's neighborhood are the problem.

It could be ineffective drains at higher or even lower elevations that cause the system to back up.

"It's similar to plumbing in your house, where you see the leak coming out in your house may not be where the problem is actually leaking. In this case, a little reverse," Heuberger said.

The town paid an outside firm $45,000 for a drainage study back in March and is working with that same firm to brainstorm solutions and present them to the board of aldermen.

"The biggest thing is finding the correct fix. The thing that will fix it long term and do it in a cost-effective way," Heuberger said.

Whatever the solution the town is likely looking at some sort of construction project that’ll cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Options are expected to be presented to the board of aldermen within the next couple weeks.

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