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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many across the Collierville community are turning to their faith following a mass shooting that left a dozen injured and one person dead.

More than a dozen community members came together for a prayer service at Collierville United Methodist Church to remember the lives lost and those impacted by the Thursday’s mass shooting.

During the service, members of the clergy provided words of comfort and vowed to continued to be there for one another for the days to come.

“I’m still reeling from today, and I don’t think it is hidden,” said Senior Pastor Deborah Suddarth. “I just know that it is extremely painful, and the families that are being touched. My family has not shared that our church family has been touched yet, and I’ve been thankful for that. But I know that other churches and other families have been deeply affected lives have been lost, and there is no making sense of that.”

The church has counselors available for anyone in the community who needs it and plans on hosting these services again in the future.

Churches across the Mid-South will take time during weekend services to pray for the victims of the Kroger shooting.