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 OSCEOLA, Ark. –Officials in Osceola said they are still searching for Aaron Lane, the tugboat worker who reportedly fell into the Mississippi River on Tuesday.

They said the search has now become a recovery mission.

“I didn’t think it was true. I just didn’t believe it. Probably because I didn’t want to believe it,” Latoya Lane, the missing man’s sister, said.

Dozens of Lane’s family members and friends waited near the search site and coped with the reality that their loved one is missing in the Mississippi River.

“The only thing we could do is just pray, sit back and pray or whatever,” Lane said.

“We didn’t find him this morning so far,” a Coast Guard spokesperson said.

Rescue crews searched the waters in Osceola all morning in hopes of finding Lane.

“He fell off around two in the morning back at the comm station. He could’ve traveled miles down the river,” the Coast Guard spokesperson said.

The search was called off early Tuesday afternoon, and the Coast Guard has not determined if they will resume search efforts on Wednesday.

“I feel like they just called off the rescue — called the — called it off too soon,” Letoya Lane said.

Aaron Lane works as a watchman on tug boats and barges traveling on the Mississippi River.

According to the Coast Guard, he somehow fell off of the barge or tugboat near Highway 198.

Lane’s family told WREG the search for their loved one was not easy to deal with.

“No, it’s not. Me and my brother we was real close. We talked every day,” his sister explained.

“I always say love you. And I say Aaron be careful in that water,” Torrence Lane, the missing man’s father, said.

Lane’s father said he is not giving up hope saying that even if his son is not found alive, he still wants his child to rest in peace.

“I would like to see my son one more time. One more time,” he concluded.

The tugboat involved is docked at the Mid-River Terminal while the investigation is being conducted.