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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We brought you a story last month about a Memphis man who was evicted from his apartment and lost all his items, along with several cats he had living with him.

Since running that story, many of you reached out wanting to help the man: Titus Blade Steele.

We tracked him down and found out he’s been staying with his sister in Frayser.

On Monday, WREG’s Bridget Chapman was there as he met with a former classmate and saw what his old high school class wanted to do for him.

“Wow, letters from everybody,” said Steele as he thumbed through letters from people he hasn’t seen in decades — people who have never forgotten him.

“With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime,” Steele’s former classmate Joan Channell read some of the letters aloud to Steele.

Channell went to Memphis Technical High School with Steele.

She says WREG’s story about Steele was shared in one of their alumni social media groups. It was from last month when we found Steele living with all his items outside in Binghampton.

He’d been evicted and was about to lose everything, including several cats he’d taken in. His treasures sprawled on the lawn revealed he was once a well-known artist and traveler.

“We wanted to help him,” said Steele.

Several classmates wrote him personalized notes Channell brought him on Monday.

“We all appreciate your courage, your talent and your amazing personality.”

She says they all instantly remembered Steele, as he was a talented artist and one of the first African-American students to go to the high school.

“You became a pioneer in the school system.”

And along with the heartfelt letters came donations from the same classmates — all amounting to about $1,500.

“It’s generous and I feel like I could cry,” said Steele.

They have a Memphis Technical High School reunion this weekend that Steele says he is excited to now attend.

He also says he hopes he can one day start up a cat adoption shelter. We’ve connected a link to his Facebook page right here. He says he’d love to connect with people on there.