Clarksdale Police investigate series of home, vehicle break-ins


CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Police in Clarksdale, Mississippi are urging people to keep their homes and vehicles locked and valuables out of sight as they investigate a series of break-ins.

Catherine Williams carefully steps over a shattered window frame that once hung on the back of her neighbor’s house.

Clarksdale Police say the homeowner reported whoever broke in stole weapons and left a big mess.

Williams says she never heard a commotion.

“I was in the house, and I don’t know what happened,” Williams said. “All I know is my neighbor said he had some things lifted in the house. And I see where they broke in, through the back window.”

John Duckworth came close to being one of those victims when found someone tried to break into his home while he was at work.

“I found that one of my screens were ripped,” Duckworth said. “The screen was up. and the window had tried to be jimmied. The locks was almost broke, and I guess someone scared them away cause they didn’t break in or completely in.”

He said the ordeal left him feeling unsafe.

“So, I called ADT and put in an alarm system with cameras,” Duckworth said.

Duckworth’s case is one of several burglaries or attempted burglaries of homes and vehicles Clarksdale Police are working to solve.

Assistant Chief Fernando Harris says there have been a variety of items taken, including jewelry and electronics.

“We do have some leads on some of our burglaries in the City that we’re following up on at this time,” Harris said.

Harris hopes the public will learn from the misfortune of others and take precautions against becoming the next crime statistic.

“Keep things locked,” Harris said. “If you got something in your car try to hide it or take it inside the house. Most important, lock your doors.”

Clarksdale Police urge citizens to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods by calling 662-621-8156 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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