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(Clarksdale, MS) A Clarksdale, Mississippi man fought back, taking aim when two people trying to break into his car.

The shooting put a 25-year old man in the hospital and a juvenile in jail.

The incident capped off a violent weekend in the Coahoma County where break-ins and drive-by shootings have become all too common.

No one answered the door at Larry White’s home on Mississippi Street in Clarksdale.

According to police, White fired several shots around 1:30 Sunday morning, at two people trying to break into his Dodge Stratus.

White managed to hit one of them, a 25-year-old Clarksdale man, in both legs.

The man was airlifted to The MED, and a juvenile accomplice was arrested at the scene.

Police were called back to White’s house a few hours after someone fire shots at his home.

Bernice Smith lives just a few doors from Larry White’s house, “We hadn’t had a whole lot of crime in this section, up until the last couple of weeks.”

She says she can’t understand the upswing in violent crime in Clarksdale, the city where she grew up, “It’s bad for it to start coming to our neighborhood all of a sudden. And probably the ones who’s bringing it to our neighborhood, don’t even live over here in our neighborhood.”

There’s evidence of dozens of drive-by shootings within a few blocks of Smith’s home.

But Clarksdale’s crime hasn’t been confined to just one part of the community. 

Ask 77-year old Shirley Gordon, “And I was just praying to the Lord.”

Just two weeks ago, across town, it wasn’t gunfire that left Shirley Gordon bloody and bruised. It was a large jagged rock.

Gordon was beaten just a few feet from her home by a juvenile who had just stolen her car, “I asked him, ‘why was he hurting me so bad?’ and he said, ’cause i wanted to.”

Clarksdale police are still investigating the shooting on Mississippi Street and whether any charges will be filed against the homeowner who fired the shots.

Meantime, a juvenile was arrested and charged for the assault on Shirley Gordon.