Deer crashes through the front of Cross County Courthouse

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WYNNE, Ark. — It wasn't your normal day when a deer came crashing through a courthouse in Wynne, Arkansas on Monday.

And the bizarre run-in was caught on camera.

Footage shows a deer crashing through the front window of the Cross County courthouse. The doe was struggling to gain her footing, startled a man who was relaxing on a bench.

He jumped on the bench in disbelief. Others who heard the commotion ran to see what was going on.

Another angle of the footage shows the deer as it beelined to the building from the parking lot.

"Looking at the glass it didn't know where to do. So it just made the sharp turn and into the courthouse she came," Cross County Judge Donnie Sanders said.

Judge Sanders said he heard a deer was inside of the courthouse from administrative assistant Mike Hamrick.

"It was interesting, because it sounded like a shotgun went off when it broke the window. I came out of my office real quick," Hamrick said.

He was startled because court was in session at the time.

Staff corralled the deer into the entry way of the jail and then released it back into the wild.

They said the doe didn't seem to be seriously injured but there were a few cuts on her nose.

Judge Sanders said they've had people go through the large windows, but they haven't heard about a deer.

Many people were surprised that the deer was so far into town.

"We have a lot of deer in the county, and we're about a quarter mile from the foot of the ridge. And it's not unusual to see six or seven deer at a time," Judge Sanders said.

It's unclear why the deer was in the area. Perhaps she was looking for greener pastures.

Judge Sanders says everyone's sharing a laugh after learning no one was hurt.

"The sheriff joked about putting a deer stand here and then someone said somebody sent their doe to pay their taxes. So, you know all of the jokes are running around."

It's going to cost a little more than $400 to repair the window. They hope to have that done in the next few days.

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