City of New Orleans train breaks down en route to Memphis


The city of New Orleans rolls into the new Marks, Mississippi station for the first time. (file photo)

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Amtrak train en route from Chicago to Memphis broke down Friday morning in northwest Tennessee and had to be towed to Memphis by a freight engine.

“Early today Train 59 developed a mechanical issue between Fulton and Newbern that resulted in us leasing a CN freight engine to bring the train to Memphis,” the company said in a statement.

Riders continuing south to New Orleans were put on buses once they reached Central Station, Amtrak said.

Clarke Joseph, a passenger on the train, said the air conditioning was not working during the three-hour tow trip, which was difficult for some elderly passengers. He and his wife and son rode back home to New Orleans in a rental vehicle.

“It was horrible,” he wrote in a Facebook message. “Like a roast riding in a crock all day on (the) stove.”

Amtrak’s City of New Orleans runs daily between Chicago and New Orleans, with a stop in Memphis.

Amtrak passenger Clarke Joseph of New Orleans sent WREG this photo of him standing next to the City of New Orleans train Friday after it broke down in northwestern Tennessee.

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