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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -At least five people are being treated for serious injuries after a tornado ripped through Covington, Tennessee, Friday night.

Covington police said their city is impassable due to the damage left behind, and only emergency vehicles are being allowed to enter the area.

The Covington police department said there is damage along Main Street as well as Highway 51 and Highway 59 in Tipton County.

Police Chief Donna Turner said there is significant damage to residences and businesses, including the criminal justice complex, health department, and Crestview Middle and Elementary Schools.

Police said trees and electrical lines are down, and emergency crews are responding to the area.

Tennessee State Troopers are closing the roads leading to Covington.

Authorities are asking residents to remain in their safe areas to allow crews to respond to the most needed areas in the city.

Police said they are trying to clear 51 near the hospital so crews can pass through.

The City of Covington has set up an emergency shelter for displaced families at the Covington Park and Recreation Sportsplex.

The Sportsplex is located at 790 Bert Johnson Road in Covington.

City officials say anyone affected by the storms is welcome and urged to attend the Sportsplex for assistance.