City Gear employee accused of lying to police, participating in theft


Ke’Von Henderson

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An employee at a local City Gear was arrested after police say he planned and participated in a theft while on the clock.

It happened on April 15 at the South Third Street location.

When police arrived they were met by an employee named Ke’Von Henderson, who said two unknown woman came into the store and grabbed $1,500 worth of clothing from the display tables. They then reportedly ran out of the store with Henderson hot on their heels.

Outside, he said he was gaining on them when he noticed that the driver of the getaway vehicle was pointing a gun at him so he retreated back to the store.

However, surveillance video of the incident painted a very different picture of what happened.

According to police, Henderson could be seen standing at the front of the store when the suspects pulled up. One of the suspects then got out of the vehicle and started speaking with Henderson. Authorities said he was telling them to park on the east side of the business.

On Sunday, June 9, Henderson was questioned by police. That’s when he reportedly confessed to planning and participating in the crime. He also said the women did not pull a gun on him.

He was charged with filing a false report and theft of merchandise.

The women involved in the crime have not been identified.

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