City Council makes changes to the Impasse Ordinance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis City Council has finalized changes to the impasse ordinance which dictates how union contracts are settled if the administration can’t reach an agreement.

WREG’s Stacy Jacobson has learned the new measure will allow the council to address its concerns by reducing the number of hearings and committees, while still allowing the city’s seven unions to maintain their ability to negotiate.

The compromise also stated that of the three people who make up each committee, one will be chosen by the unions, the second by the city administration and the third must be agreed upon by both or chosen by the City Council chair.

Union employee held a protest in east Memphis Saturday to voice concern over some of the proposed changes.

Attorneys said Tuesday they were pleased with the compromise.

More than 4,200 employees are currently being represented by unions.

Revised Impasse Ordinance


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