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LAKELAND, Tenn. — It was a conversation on Facebook about Christian Brothers High School student Lance Sanderson that got city commissioner Clark Plunk fired up.

Sanderson wanted to bring a male student from another school as his date to the homecoming dance.

CBHS policy does not allow male students to attend dances, but it does allow two male students from CBHS to attend.

The man who makes laws in the city of Lakeland said online, ‘This is not about a homo and his rights, it’s about a school that is loved by thousands.’

Day later, after some time to reflect. Commissioner Plunk doesn’t take back a thing.

“I’ve been banned from Facebook from my friends, it was a personal conversation,” he told WREG Thursday night.

Some of the comments posted online were clearly about Sanderson, but Plunk also said, ‘As a whole, gays are mean, cruel spiteful people with an axe to grind.’

We asked him again about those remarks.

“I stand by what I said, maybe I didn’t say it the right way,” said Plunk.

Will Batts runs the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Cooper Young.

Batts said many Lakeland residents are gay and that Plunk is attacking his own constituents, as well as a boy.

“It seems really sad when you have an elected official attacking a high school student in a public way,” said Batts.

City leaders are not standing by Plunk, nor are they doing anything about his words.

“I just don`t think it’s a Lakeland issue,” said Mayor Wyatt Bunker.