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(Southaven, MS) Like a lot of Southaven voters, businessman Robert Estes said he believes politics as usual is a thing of the past.

”It was definitely a landslide yesterday and it’s gonna be a change,” he said.

Even though turnout was light, a majority of ballots cast were for political newcomer Darren Musselwhite.

Southaven’s Concerned Citizens group claims his election as a victory.

”I think we finally got our point across,” said Glenn Stroupe, who believes Southaven has too many highly-paid, politically-appointed jobs, and wants to see those eliminated first.

”We don’t need to be paying for one position twice what Hattiesburg, let’s say, pays,” he said.

He and his group say they expect aldermen to take more control of the city’s day-to-day operations.

”I would like to see the Aldermen run the city and make the rules and Mayor do his job, let the Aldermen do theirs,” Stroupe said.

But more than anything, ordinary people like Estes want to see Southaven keep growing.

“Generate more business here in Southaven because without money you don’t have nothin’ and you gotta have money in Southaven,” Estes said.

The new Mayor and Board take control on July 1st.