Church insists free money flyer isn’t a scam

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A flyer circulating on social media, promising free money and gift cards to pay your bills, has a lot of people asking, ‘what’s the catch?’

The flyer doesn’t list an organization, just an address and phone number.

Several people reached out to WREG about the flyer, wondering if it was a scam.

“I’m thinking ‘really?’ That would be a big blessing,” said Rhonda Nichols, who saw the flyer on Facebook. “You’re getting gift cards for groceries and kids get gift cards also.”

When you call the number listed on the flyer, you can only reach a recording.

But WREG tracked the address to Divine Life Church in Memphis.

People calling in hopes of speaking with Pastor Tony Wade to make sure the event is legitimate say they’re getting the run-around.

“We could never get nobody to the phone,” Nichols said.

“We only get “high call volume,” saying we can’t talk to him,” said Roberta Pendelton.

And now many are worried they’re being duped.

“I really hope it’s not a scam,” Nichols said. “I really hope it’s not.”

But Pastor Wade says it’s not a scam.

He says the church has been holding big giveaway events like this for a long time, and that not listing the church on the flyer was intentional.

“We weren’t promoting our church,” he said. “We’re promoting just what we put on the flyer.”

He also insists the flyers aren’t an attempt to get more people to join the church.

The purpose, he says, is simply to spread God’s message.

“They could go join the church around the corner up the street if they like,” he said, “As long as they know Jesus as their lord and savior.”

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