Christmas Grinch breaks into Collierville homes, cars overnight

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A man with a flashlight was caught on camera snooping through a car while the owners were just feet away sound asleep.

Collierville Police told that man broke into more than a dozen homes and cars Thursday morning swiping a gun, handbags and even a car full of Christmas presents.

It happened in in two subdivisions- one off White and one off Market.

“Went to bed like any normal night and woke up to a phone call from our neighbors across the street,” said homeowner Amy Dunlap. “We came out and sure enough it was just busted. Papers were everywhere and they had gone through everything in the truck.”

Dunlap woke up to glass all over her driveway and her husband’s truck.

Collierville Police caught a break in the case.

One neighbor had a security camera which captures images of a man police believe is behind the break-ins.

Officers said he hit at least 11 cars and 3 homes including one that belonged to a Memphis Police officer.

They said the thief struck between 2 and 4 a.m. and for Dunlap they took more than just mere possessions.

At a time when they should be celebrating the holidays, they’re now worried about their safety.

“It was scary. And that’s always been my biggest fear because I have two little ones.”

Their peace mind she said is now destroyed.

If you recognize the guy in the video or you have any information, call the Collierville Criminal Division at (901) 457-2520.

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