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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — The people of Mississippi will have their voices heard Tuesday in a primary election.

Some say the race for Thad Cochran’s U.S. Senate seat is one of the nastiest campaign battles in history.

Mississippi Senator Chris McDaniel is running against Cochran, and visited Desoto County Monday.

“Help get my Medicare money back!” said Robin Cotten of Hernando. “Vote for McDaniel!”

“I have voted for Thad Cochran all these past years and I’ve noticed that he’s lost touch with Mississippi,” said Duane Davenport, a resident of Walls, Miss.

Republican Thad Cochran has held onto the U.S Senate seat for 42 years.

“When he went to Washington, Richard Nixon was your president,” said McDaniel, talking to his crowd of supporters gathered off Goodman Road.

The candidates have run attack ads on both sides.

“Chris McDaniel was one of only four senators opposing the anti-meth laws,” said one ad, supported by Cochran.

While some are calling it one of the nastiest political battles ever both are now focusing on North Mississippi and Desoto County.

Cochran stopped in Olive Branch last week.

“From my point of view, I have been talking about the issues,” said Cochran.

Cochran says he fights for economic development, national security and veterans, but Monday, McDaniel had harsh words for him and the president of the United States.

“Barack Obama is the worst president in this country’s history,” he said. “Thad Cochran has not been that voice. He’s been silent against the Obama administration. He hasn’t led a single charge against the president.”

Despite the scandals and mudslinging on the way to the primaries, McDaniel supporters say he has their vote.

“Thad used to be good in the past but now he needs to retire,” said Davenport.

If you plan on going to the polls tomorrow, make sure you have a valid photo ID to cast your ballot.