Children in Memphis continue to be victims of violent crimes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Children throughout the city of Memphis continue to be victims of violent crimes. That trend continued through the weekend when at least three teenagers were shot.

The year 2020, has been very violent in Memphis, especially among the youth. This year is considered the most dangerous year for children.

Memphis Police said 26 children have been tragically killed in 2020, and it’s only September. Of those, police said four were accidental and two were justifiable. And eight of the killings remain unsolved.

First Baptist Church Broad Pastor Keith Norman said these senseless acts of violence are why the community’s involvement with the local youth is vital not only for their development but a sense of security.

“When young people are looking at what goes on around them, and they see no one responding to it,” Norman said. “They see nobody crying out saying, ‘see look this has to stop, this has to change.’ They take on the tone of the land. They begin to become hopeless and they say look nobody cares.”

Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner said the commission is always looking at ways to curb the violence county-wide and reinvest in youth.

“I believe that if we work hard and stay prayed up, we will get through what is going on. There’s always morning after night,” Turner said.

As for this weekend, MPD said there have been no arrests in two of those shootings: the one at the McDonald’s drive-thru on South Third early Sunday morning, and the other on Cypresswood Cove Saturday morning.

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