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(Memphis) A a two-year-old little girl was shot Wednesday by a stray bullet in South Memphis.

We spoke to a woman who rushed to the toddler’s apartment when the gun fire stopped. 

She calls this just a ‘sad’ situation; two men having a gun battle outside an apartment complex and a little two-year-old caught in the middle. 

The child is at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in critical condition.

“I just heard gun shots.”

But what Geormesha Hughett saw was worse than that, “I ran into the little girl’s house.”

After the gun-fire stopped, she saw what the violence left behind, “Everyone in the house was crying except for me. I was just looking, shaking my head.”

What Geormesha saw was a two-year-old girl shot in the arm, bleeding.

 An innocent victim of a stray bullet. Of violence. 

Police say two men had been shooting at each other outside in the parking lot of the Clementine Apartments. Bullets flying everywhere.

“I heard bullets passing, flying in my home,” said Markita Freeman, who lives right next door to the toddler.  “I heard them flying across my bedroom.”

One of them lodged in a little girl, in her home, just watching TV.  

Her mother was at work.

“Was anyone comforting the child?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah,” said Hughlett.  “Someone had her in her arms with a sheet, just rocking her. She was just constantly saying, ‘I’m bleeding’.  That’s all she was saying is ‘I’m bleeding’, I’m bleeding’.”

Words a toddler should never have to say. 

Violence no one should have to see.

“People need to pray,” said Hughlett. “That’s all I can say because we are living in our last days.”

Police say a man was also shot in this incident but somehow got himself to Methodist Hosptial.

Sources tell News Channel 3 that he is a suspect in this case. 

When we get word of the little girl’s condition, we’ll be sure to let you know.