Child sex offender caught living near middle school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A child sex offender was caught living just feet away from a Memphis middle school.

Andra Myatt is a convicted sex offender, and police said he was lying for months about where he lived.

Police said it was a neighbor who blew the whistle.

Officers caught up to the suspect at a house on Vanuys Drive, which is only about 300 feet away from Sherwood Elementary School.

WREG went to the home where police found Myatt, and a woman claiming to be his wife answered the door.

The woman slammed the door as WREG told her people in the neighborhood were concerned about her husband’s arrest.

Sherrita Rhyme has two children who attend Sherwood Elementary School.

“That’s just so scary,” Rhyme told WREG. “I’m just happy that he didn’t grab no kids or nothing around here.”

Rhyme had no idea a sex offender was possibly living on her block and so close to where her children attend school.

“They may turn around and not want to do that again, but still — it’s just sick and you shouldn’t stay nowhere near a playground or a school,” Rhyme said.

It is against the law for Myatt to live so close to a public school.

Convicted sex offenders are not supposed to live anywhere within a 1,000-foot radius of a public school.

Myatt was also expected to check in with police within 48-hours of moving to a new address.

“I try to tell them — they don’t know, they kids. They don’t think nobody going to harm them, but it’s people out there to harm them,” Rhyme explained.

Police said Myatt was convicted in Mississippi for touching a child out of lust and gratification.

Concerned mothers, like Rhyme, said this arrest will make her change her daily routine.

“I watch them from the window, but now I’m going to be walking them because I don’t know,” Rhyme explained.

Myatt is being held on a $10,000 bond and is expected in court on Monday.

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