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Shelby Farms Park

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(Memphis) Another greenline trail could be in the works for Memphis.

Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris pitched the Chelsea Avenue Greenline to council members this week.

“Right now we have greenlines going throughout east Memphis: we have the Shelby Farms greenline, and we have the main street to main street greenline that will come through downtown Memphis, but most of these proposals are about connectivity and exercise and so forth but they are running through pretty affluent neighborhoods,” said Harris.

The 2.3 mile Chelsea Avenue greenline will run right through north Memphis if Harris has his way. 

The project however has a 3.4 million dollar price tag.

“We are seeking federal funding and a local match. And the first thing that has to happen is that we have to acquire that land and it has to come under city ownership,” said project director Syd Lerner.

Supporters hope the greenline will connect to Mud Island and the Shelby Farms Greenline which will make 12 miles of greenline running through the city.

They also hope the project will revitalize the neighborhood.

“One of the huge benefits that have been discovered by bringing bicyclists through town, the cyclists will want to stop and they will want to buy a little water and they’ll want to buy a fresh fruit.  That little bit of economic stimulus benefits people in the community,” said Lerner.

It could be several months before the project receives approval.

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