Chattanooga officers now required to intervene in police brutality


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE) – The Chattanooga Police Department has updated its code of conduct, saying officers have a duty to stop others in the department from committing acts like police brutality and abuse of authority.

Chattanooga’s Police Chief David Roddy has updated his department’s code of conduct to require officers intervene when they see another officer committing an illegal or improper act.

The ‘duty to intervene’ states, “Each department member has the individual responsibility to intervene and stop any other member from committing an unlawful or improper act, including but not limited to, acts of brutality, abuses of process, abuses of authority, and any other criminal acts or major violations of department rules and procedures. Successful intervention does not negate a duty to report.”

Chief Roddy says failure to intervene will result in disciplinary action.

In a statement Monday, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said the move was part of an effort to dramatically reduce violence and help protect the community.

“We know that some of the worst incidents that have resulted in the loss of life occurred because police officers failed to police each other,” said Mayor Berke, “Standing by while another officer does something dangerous or potentially lethal is immoral, inexcusable, and in the City of Chattanooga, totally unacceptable.”

Chief Roddy made headlines worldwide with his viral tweet calling on all police officers who don’t see a problem with the killing of George Floyd to turn in their badges.

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