Chance Of Snow Has Mississippi Residents On Guard

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(Oxford, MS) People in northern Mississippi braced for the winter weather Monday.

While roads crews got ready for potential problems, most in Lafeyette County were excited about the possibility of snow.

Just the thought of a little snow can make anyone here turn into a big kid.

“I’m not used to it here I’ve been here all my life and we’ve never felt weather like this before its crazy,” Demarius DeBerry said. “I’m just ready to make a snow ball.”

Monday night at the university of Mississippi, college kids were excited about the potential of a little snow.

“I’m ready to miss class ,” DeBerry said.

“Just taking it in stride, I’m used to snow, it doesn’t bother me,” student Ross Tatrum said.

Engineers with the Department of Transportation weren’t too worried about Lafayette County either.

Their main focus was the roads south of Highway 6.

“We anticipate our worst counties to be along highway 82 most likely,” Mississippi Department of Transportation District Engineer Mitch Turner said.

So while it won’t be the hardest hit, Ole Miss should still get a rare glimpse of Old Man Winter.

The university has not decided on whether to cancel classes Tuesday. The school says it will make the decision before 7 a.m.

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