Caught on camera: Thieves ransack Raleigh store

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Thieves ransacking a Raleigh gas station were caught on camera.

They used a sledgehammer to break in and steal thousands of dollars, lottery tickets and cigarettes.

The crooks hit the store off Stage Road early Monday morning.

Surveillance video time-stamped just after 4 a.m. Monday shows criminals on a mission.

The video shows glass shatter as one masked man continually hits a high window of the Food and Fuel with a sledgehammer.

His accomplice climbs inside the store and arms himself with the sledge hammer, ready to strike again.

The door inside that separates the cash register from the rest of the store was bashed in and the glass on the door shattered.

Once behind the counter, cameras caught the crook grabbing stand after stand of lottery tickets, thousands of dollars in cash and $2,500 worth of cigarettes.

Outside, that second thief who stayed behind waited for the stolen merchandise that came flying through the window they broke.

A short time later a getaway car comes to pick up the burglars, lottery tickets trailing out the door.

The costly crime was committed and complete in just minutes.

Reggie Sanders comes to the corner store often.

"Just about every day. Pretty nice guys. I’m sorry to hear that," said Sanders, speaking about the store's owners.

Other customers have this message to the burglars: Get a job.

"Can’t say they’re out of work because if they’ve got strength to do that then they’ve got strength to go out and work an eight-hour job.”

If you have information or recognize the men in the video, call the Memphis Police Department.


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