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HORN LAKE, Miss. — An accused refrigerator thief made a mad dash for the interstate in Horn Lake.

A driver who nearly collided with the fast driving suspect caught all of the action on camera.

“I could hear the sound of the refrigerator dragging on the concrete,” driver Ken Salmon said.

The suspect was clearly in a hurry, so much so that he completely ignored a stop sign and careened into traffic.

“He had his arm out the window holding this mini fridge,” Salmon said.

Horn Lake police confirm they got a call about someone stealing a fridge from the Home Depot on Interstate Road, just after 2:30 Monday afternoon.

“It’s probably the dumbest theft I can think of,” Salmon said. “Who steals a fridge and says, ‘Oh, it won’t fit in my car?”

But the suspect refused to be outdone by the fact that he didn’t have the right ride.

He seemed to instead try to make it work by disregarding others who shared the road with him.

It’s a plan that might have caused a crash if Ken Salmon wasn’t alert.

“It took a few moments for my mind to wrap my head around what I just saw.”

The accused refrigerator thief didn’t make it far, he eventually decided for whatever reason to drop it off in the Wendy’s parking lot just feet from where anything started.

“I constantly have my eyes open. You have to be on the lookout for crazy people, and that was definitely a crazy person,” Salmon said.

Police still haven’t caught up with the thief, but Salmon is just glad he was paying attention and his dash camera was rolling when the whole thing unfolded.

Police say they got the cars tag number, and they are investigating the crime.