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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was hit while working on his car, and it was all caught on video. As that that alarming video makes it’s way around social media, the person responsible is still on the run.

The crash happened right in front of Latinos Auto Sales on Lamar. In a split second, a man went from working on his car to his head smashing into the hood, sending him flying.

The man jumped up and started shouting at the other driver as that driver took off. Those inside of Latinos Auto Sales came out to help.

Charity Garcia works at the car sales and body shop. She didn’t feel comfortable showing her face on camera but shared with us the tense moments after the impact.

“You didn’t know if he was hurt or anything like that. Even though he got up and was yelling at him or something there’s other kind of injuries that can happen to somebody,” Garcia said. “They brought him in and sat him down, and cleaned up the blood and stuff, and called the ambulance and the police.”

The collision happened last week, but to the surprise of those who work at Latinos Auto Sales and Repair, the surveillance video made it to social media and has been viewed by tens of thousands of people.

“My kids even forwarded it to me yesterday, a Tiktok video and I was like, ‘oh my goodness.’,” Garcia said.

But Garcia hopes this video helps others, as shocking as it might be to see.

“People drive so fast around here,” Garcia said. “They just need to slow down and pay attention.”

People we talked to said drivers often treat Lamar like a drag racing strip. It’s a reminder to always be on the lookout when you’re driving or forced to pull over for maintenance. Memphis Police say if you can try to get off the road, if not make sure you draw plenty of attention to yourself.