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(Memphis) Many are saluting a donut shop owner in Southeast Memphis.

The woman stood her ground when three armed robbers busted into her store.

The surveillance video says it all — she got the robbers to run away!

Sohka Chin says she works hard to make her money so she wasn’t about to let a group of hoodlums take it away from her.

She’s still not sure it was her smartest idea, but it worked.

“It worked, yeah,” she said with a laugh.

When three robbers came barging into Chin’s donut shop and pointed two guns in her face, she did what most of us wouldn’t.

In the surveillance video, a car pulls up outside, then one guy comes in to Nina’s Donut Café talking on a cellphone.

Chin says the crook ordered a couple of jelly-filled donuts and then his cohorts barged in.

The first pointed a gun at her while the second slipped on his way in, also pointing a gun in Chin’s face.

But when the robbers asked her to pop the register, she grabbed her pepper spray right next to the machine without hesitation.

She sprayed them and they bolted, one slipping again on the way out.

“Could you believe it?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I don’t believe I did it. I don’t believe I did that,” said Chin.

Chin says a customer, who is a police officer, gave her that can of spray. She never really thought she’d use it.

“That was courageous. That’s all I can say,” said a customer.

“I think that was very heroic. I really do,” said customer Antonio Snipes. “It’s about time somebody fights back.”

From the surveillance video, police already made an arrest: 19-year-old Timothy Dunavent.

As for Chin, she says she’s not sure why she took the risk and sprayed.

“I do not know. It was stupid thinking, I guess.”

But her customers think she’s all that and a donut topped with sprinkles.

“World famous donuts right here on Mount Moriah! Don’t come in and try to rob the place because she will get you!” said Snipes.

Chin says on Thursday, the day after the attempted robbery, her police officer friend came back for some donuts and gave her another can of pepper spray.

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