Caught on Camera: Deer slips, slides his way through Mississippi school

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ENTERPRISE, Miss. — Children and staff at one Mississippi school had an exciting morning after surveillance cameras captured a deer slipping and sliding through the hallways.

“It was pretty hilarious to see how the students responded and the funny expressions on people’s faces. I’ve been the principal at this school for 10 years and it’s never happened before,” Enterprise Elementary School Principal Steven Gunn told WTOK.

School leaders said doors at the school are normally open that time of day as students come in and out of the building. It proved to be just the opportunity this little guy needed to get inside.

Gunn said cameras showed the deer peeking around the corner of one hallway before taking off, running full speed until he hit the slick floors. Children in the doorway quickly scrambled out of the way as the deer came sliding towards them.

Once outside, he had the chance to leave campus, but instead he decided to turn and run down another hallway at the middle school next door.

The deer eventually had enough with the shenanigans and made his way into a nearby wood.

School leaders said no one was hurt.

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