CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Church used as trash dump and is defecated on

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Trash, urine, and feces found outside the doors of a church in Frayser

The church's senior pastor says trash has been dumped right outside the building a number of times in the last year and it usually happens right outside this door right here.

Someone was finally caught on video around 3 a.m. yesterday thanks to some security camera repositioning.

"We've been unable to tie any of the garbage like the mail or something like that to whoever's been doing this," Pastor Mike Ellis said.

Ellis hopes this video solves the case.

It shows a man ride up on a bicycle with a bag of trash.

He dumps it, urinates on it and defecates on a mat outside the door.

"I think he's a sick person. He's a person who's sick and he doesn't respect God," Ellis said.

Trash started getting dumped outside the building’s doors after the church put a lock on its dumpster to stop random people from throwing garbage in there.

"Myself and the rest of our team thought that it was someone who was angry that we locked the dumpster," Ellis said.

Whatever this man’s motive something certainly seems to be wrong with him.

Pastor Ellis is confident he’ll be caught soon.

"When he's caught, I would love for him to do community service and learn to respect the church, respect God and if he has some kind of sickness, get him some help," Ellis said.

Police are looking for this man and tell us it’s an on-going investigation.

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