MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Every Tuesday, as part of our Community Changers series, we highlight organization making memphis better. This week, we caught up with a group that believes in supporting big dreams.

Nineteen-year-old Krystiuna Cunningham had just graduated high school.

“One day I was on Facebook and I’d seen an ad so I just clicked it and reached out,” Kyrstiuna said. “I was just looking for guidance. I didn’t really have much support. So, I was looking for guidance. Helping me out. See what I wanted to do and what school would fit me.:

Krystiuna reached out to Casa Global. It’s a non-profit organization that develops personalized solutions for people impacted by poverty and poor living conditions.

They offer resources to underserved communities. Sade Smith is the founder.

“Just the lack of knowledge. Not knowing what is out there that you can do. Or just having dreams and not being able to reach them because you don’t really know what the first step is to do,” Sade said. “I am one of the people I was trying to help.”

That is exactly why one of the programs they offer is one-on-one coaching.

“Coaching is so that if you don’t know what you want to do but you know you want to do something, you can come through and we’ll talk. We will have a general conversation about some of the things you like. Some of your strengths,” Sade said.

Krystiuna’s strength she knew, which was helping people, she just didn’t know how to apply it.

“They helped me figure out what I wanted to do. What would be great for me,” Krystiuna said.

Krystiuna is six months into her program at Concorde Career College and studying to become a dental assistant. It’s all thanks to Casa Global, who walked alongside her through the enrollment process.

“Some people don’t have those opportunities. Or don’t have that support from family or friends,” Kyrstiuna said.

That is why Brown Missionary Baptist Church wanted to give Casa Global a thousand dollars. Because a big sister bond doesn’t have to be blood related. A true community changer!

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