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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Carrier Corporation in Collierville is closed indefinitely as the air conditioning manufacturer deals with coronavirus at the plant.

After WREG reported on workers’ complaints and the sudden shutdown Wednesday night, Carrier officials contacted us, saying the story we reported and the claims made by the workers were not accurate.

But when WREG offered them an interview to set the record straight, they declined and sent another statement.

The company says they only have had 22 cases confirmed since the first case in March. But workers continue to tell us a lot of people had been  getting sick.

“Seventy were tested,” one worker said. “The test haven’t come back yet. But you had 70 employees sent out to be tested.”

Carrier says no employees who are awaiting results of a COVID test or who had symptoms can return to work until they test negative or have been symptom free for 72 hours. Those with the virus are restricted from coming back to work for at least a week or more.

Carrier says they also screen anyone entering the facility and turn away those with temperatures of 100.4 or higher.

“Since this outbreak of corona, the company has went through every level of trying to communicate with the employees. I think they went above and beyond,” an employee told WREG. “They do robo calls which call every employee to let them know the status of what’s going on.”

While workers tell us the company did some things, they say it wasn’t enough.

After our story aired, two more employees emailed and called saying the building was not sanitized regularly, and the area where an infected person worked was not thoroughly cleaned.

“It’s like a real anxiety and stress level type of thing because you feel like how could your job care about you and they see this happening every day,” an employee said.

Carrier says they are working with local authorities to determine when it is safe to re-open. They have implemented 80 hours–or two weeks–of COVID-19 leave for employees.

But workers tell us they have already used a week of that and wonder what happens when their leave time runs out.