Carriage horse collapses on Main Street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A carriage horse fell on Main Street near Monroe Avenue on Friday night.

Memphis Police say they received a call after 7 p.m. of a fallen horse.

According to police, the horse was injured and taken away on a truck.

The collapse of the carriage horse has left many concerned this weekend especially since it’s a big weekend for carriage drivers because of the traffic from the heritage festival.

"I saw the picture of the horse on the ground and I read later on that he was covered with a blanket," said  Dawn Likens.

Video of the horse struggling in the heart of downtown gives horse lovers chills.

"If a horse just went down like collapsed you don’t know what went on because that is highly unusual," said seasoned horse handler Jimmy Segerson.

For Segerson, Friday evening’s collapse between Madison and Union seems strange because he says there are signs.

"Little things like if the horse is pawing or shaking his head or has his ears pinned back then he’s uncomfortable," said Sergerson.

He says it’s unlikely the collapse came from exhaustion since horses can pull carriages with ease for long periods of time and according to him the downtown fixtures appear to be in good shape.

"The horses I see in downtown are very well cared for, you don’t see a skinny one. Their coats have a nice shine," Said Sergerson.

Though the fall doesn’t add up for Segerson his thoughts are with the carriage driver.

"As far as the horse collapsing my heart goes out to the owners because that's a difficult thing for them to deal with."

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