Carjackings on the rise in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Carjackings are a serious problem in Memphis. They are happening at all hours of the day in every neighborhood.

WREG uncovered new numbers that show their has been a significant increase compared to last year.

One of those victims was Pastor Ricky Floyd.

“Was just stopping to get some air in a tire,” he said. “When I stood up, to my surprise I see someone sitting in the car.”

Pastor Floyd said he was startled, and the man in his car panicked too. Floyd tried to stop him, but it didn’t work.

“I got dragged for a while, flipped over for a while,” he recalled.

Floyd went to the hospital that September morning, while the suspect got away with his car, cellphone, wallet and garage door opener.

His story just one of many bold carjackings reported in Memphis this year. Victims claim they were in their driveway, at a gas station, even at an intersection and in broad daylight.

WREG uncovered 127 carjackings were reported between May and mid-November this year. Last year during the same time, there were 87.

We broke down the year’s numbers. In August and October, there was a carjacking reported almost daily.

Police said they made 34 arrests and some of the cars have been recovered too.

WREG discovered majority of the carjackings happened in driveways.

Police said last week, there was a carjacking in a Frayser driveway. The suspect crashed it trying to get away from officers a couple of days later.

Just Tuesday, a mother was carjacked in her Parkway Village driveway while trying to take her kids to school.

Her husband told WREG, “his wife is still scared.”

Floyd said he understands that fear. Months later, he’s still recovering.

“There’s heightened sense of protection for my loved ones and a slight sense of paranoia,” he said.

Floyd said take his advice, don’t confront the carjacker. Your life is not worth it.

He says to always be aware of your surroundings no matter what time of day it is and to always keep your door locked.

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