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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The victim of a carjacking this week is not mincing words.     

Although her stolen car has been located,  Memphis Police are now looking for the two responsible.  The assault happened when the victim was doing something, many do daily, sitting in their car, waiting to pick up their child.

We spoke to a Memphis mother, by way of phone for safety reasons. She says earlier this week her ordinary day, turned outrageous.

“It was crazy, and all happened so fast,” the victim said.

 She pulled up to get her 8-year-old daughter, from an after-school activity along Cherry Center Drive. And without warning, she was staring down the barrel of two guns, while being carjacked.

“My first reaction was.. we’re going to do this right now?” the victim said.

It was still daylight, the area was packed with other parents who were eyewitnesses, and big brother was watching.

“I’m thinking do ya’ll not see all these cameras?” the victim said.

Those cameras capturing these photos of the pair, who appear young.

“You went to a whole new level, so I took it there with you. If you are gonna come and rob me and you want to be a adult, I’m gonna treat you like one,” the victim said.

The victim turns the tables, taking charge.

“Which is crazy because if you’re carjacking me, why would you let me take my purse?” the victim said.

Her purse contained her own gun. Again, she says their immaturity was made even more obvious.

“I mean you’re a rookie carjacker. He got stuck in neutral.  I’m standing there looking at him rev my engine. Vroom Vroom,” the victim said.

The car sound, was quickly drowned out when both teens began shooting.

“The first mistake, is they picked the wrong one,” the victim said.

Without a second thought, her survival instinct kicked in.

“They definitely didn’t expect what they got, and that was for me to shoot back,” the victim said.

Firing 5 rounds, as they shot close to 7. One even entering the now boarded up business, where there were children inside.  Incredibly she was untouched by the many rounds fired.

“Definitely God. God! Because the bullets that got near me, went right past me,” the victim said.

However when police found her stolen car the next day, there was blood inside, leading investigators to believe one of the carjackers was hit.

If you thought things couldn’t get worse listen to this.  Her credit cards which were still in her car were taken.  The victim says the carjackers didn’t try using the stolen funds for medical expenses, groceries or anything essential.  

Instead the violent thieves appear to have a love for fast food, McDonalds in particular.

“Doordash for McDonalds $31, they had it run twice,” the victim said.

Both times the stolen card was declined. There’s a life lesson, this woman says we can all learn.

Be aware of your surroundings, be ready at all times,” the victim.

The victim telling us although her car was located, she is unable to get back, right now, as it considered a crime scene after blood was found inside the vehicle.