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(Memphis) A 4-year-old was in the backseat of a car when it disappeared from outside his family’s home.

Everyone was worried the car had been stolen, the boy along with it.

But it turned out a repo man took the car, never realizing the child was asleep in the backseat.

Ruth Brown, the child’s grandma, said she had just driven home and had a lot of stuff in the car.

Her grandson, Kevin, was asleep, so she took some things inside, and when she came back out, the car was gone.

“I was thinking someone stole the car with my child back there, I was so scared,” she said.

The 4-year-old was found about 30 minutes later at Cooper and Son Auto Sales, Inc.

Rush said she’s angry the person who took the car didn’t say anything.

“Ain’t nobody said nothing, and everybody was here,” she said.

Kevin’s mother, Jerrica Leverson, didn’t care about the car, and immediately rushed over to the used car dealership to get her son back.

“He’s alright. He’s on the inside. We gave him some candy to calm down,” she said.

“They should’ve checked the car, and when you saw the child in the car, come bring him to the door, let him come in and let him know you’re fixin’ to pull the car,” she added.

Cooper and Son Auto Sales, Inc., is located at 2552 Elvis Presley Boulevard, which is about seven miles from the family’s home.