MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man says he is lucky to be alive after crashing into several trees on Quince Road Thursday morning.

Cordarius Coppage said Wednesday night when he drove down Quince Road, trees were leaning due to the ice that had accumulated on branches. Hours later, when he drove down the same road early Thursday morning, several of the trees had buckled under the pressure of the ice and fell, blocking the dark road.

“I was coming this way I had my high beams on, and someone was leaving out this way,” said Coppage. “I turned my high beams off so they could see, and by the time I cut my high beams back on, I had already started to run into this.”

He said he tried to stop, but due to the ice, he couldn’t. “When I hit the first one, I tried to stop. I started to slide, I guess, and ended up going into the second row of trees,” Coppage said.

After hitting the tree, a branch broke through his front windshield. Coppage says he is thankful to be alive, “At least I am still here. One of the branches flew into the windshield.”

Tree trimmers suggest as soon as the ice thaws, check branches on the trees around your home. Some may have been damaged by the weight of the ice and will need to be pruned.

If you experience a power outage due to downed trees, MLGW asks you to call 901-544-6500 or use your online account.