Car stolen from Whitehaven gas station with children inside


Officers search for suspects of a car theft in Whitehaven.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are searching for a third suspect after a car was stolen from a Whitehaven gas station with two children inside.

Police said a mother stopped at a gas station at Shelby Drive and Millbranch Road to put air in her car’s tires. While she was inflating the tires, three men got into the car and sped off with the two children still inside the car.

Officers searched the area and eventaully found the car.

The driver of the stolen car stopped at Raines and Millbranch, and all three suspects fled from the car.

The two children who were in the car were recovered and are unharmed, police said.

Police took two suspects into custody but are still looking for the third suspect. They are still searching the area for the last person.

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