Car slams into Hickory Hill home, neighbors said it’s far from the first scare

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- A man is in custody after Memphis Police said he stole a car and then crashed it into a home off Wandering Way and Midsummer Way in Hickory Hill.

The car was mangled and it left a Hickory Hill home a mess Wednesday morning.

"It was like a skewwwww boom! "

The noise jolted people in the area out of bed just before 9 a.m.

"I jumped up and ran out and 'I was like Oh my God!' because I thought it hit my house and my daughters car," said Senetricus Warford Anderson.

But it wasn't Senetricus Warford Anderson's house with the damage, although she says her home has been hit several times before.

"It's like a freeway! " exclaimed Ronald Marshall.

Marshall's home was the one that was hit and now he has to deal with the tire marks and hole in the front of his house. It sits right at the bottom of Wandering Way and Midsummer Way.

"People lose control come down here if it's raining they'll speed down here. They can't stop," he explained.

Besides the damage to the outside of the home the crash Wednesday, there's also debris, like a hubcap and part of a bumper, lying around outside.

However it's not from Wednesday. Marshall says it's from the last time a car barreled through his yard.

"This is three times--what in three months," he said.

But Marshall says the last two cases were nothing compared to what happened two days after this past Christmas.

"They came down they hit the house they tore the garage door down and they pushed the car all the way in here into the kitchen so we had to totally reinforce this to keep it from happening again," he said showing the inside wall of his garage.

The car narrowly missed Marshall's mother standing by the stove inside. For Marshall that was the last straw. He's now in the process of moving.

People living on the street said they've been reaching out to the city for years requesting speed bumps or a stop sign but nothing has been done and they're begging for help before something even worse happens.

"There's traffic constantly. Please give us speed bumps and we need them in a major way," said Warford Anderson.

WREG asked the city what could be done to help the neighborhood.

They said people must submit a request and fill out specific paperwork. There is also a list of criteria the neighborhood must meet to be eligible for speed bumps.

WREG has given the information to the neighbors who said they plan to apply.


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