Car burglars shoot at Memphis homeowner who caught them on camera

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Burglars were caught on camera overnight casing cars in a Cordova neighborhood, and things took a violent turn when a homeowner who came out to confront them nearly lost his life.

The homeowner's security system alerted him when one of the thieves was spotted on his camera running from his driveway on Antler Cove. He said he and his son ran outside as a red Mazda drove off down the street.

They watched as the car came back, but they couldn't get a license plate number.

The homeowner said he kept his eye on the vehicle as it turned around again.  Seconds later, he was dodging bullets when the burglars opened fire, police said.

"It sounded like war zone out here," the homeowner's wife said.

MPD released this still photo from surveillance footage showing the person responsible for shooting at a Memphis homeowner.

The wife had already called police and ran outside when she heard the shots.

"I come out hollering, 'Are you okay?'" she said.

Thankfully, her husband and son were fine. The burglars took off after that.

"By that time, everybody in the neighborhood had gotten up," she said.

They quickly realized that the bullets flew into houses and cars but didn't hit anyone.

"It was definitely God's blessing that we wasn't hit, or anybody else in their house wasn't hit," the homeowner said.

Police posted pictures of two suspects on social media, and they hope the images lead to arrests.

This photo from surveillance footage shows the second suspect accused of shooting at a Memphis homeowner.

"Going through somebody's car is a different story, when you start shooting at people, that puts it in a whole other ballpark," the homeowner said. "It's people like that that you really don't want really walking around."

Next time he catches a thief on camera, he's staying inside.

"So, the moral of this story is, if someone's going through your car, don't approach them in any way because they may have guns," he said.


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