Car break-ins continue across Memphis; drivers demand answers


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Car break-ins continue across the Memphis area and drivers are growing increasingly desperate for answers.

The latest crimes happened Monday morning in an industrial park, where numerous cars were hit, and Memphis Police said those responsible are still at large.

Numerous cars in a Southeast Memphis parking lot are now sporting garbage bags that blow in the wind, covering up broken windows that were damaged. MPD confirmed the crimes as part of a recent surge.

Law enforcement says they’ve gotten hundreds of calls about break-ins across the last few months, and residents are looking for answers.

“It’s ridiculous. People work hard for their cars, and people walking up just taking everything, times are too hard for that,” Willie Price, a Memphis resident, said.

Another Memphis resident, Elizia Thomas, added, “It’s a bit violating! Something that I work hard for, I’d just hope they don’t get any of my valuables.”

We’ve covered a rash of recent break-ins in neighborhoods and business parking lots, and it appears criminals have no preference for where they strike, and dozens of cars can be hit in the same location.

Willie Price says, his car and valuables were stolen out of his own driveway last year.

“It’s a terrible feeling. Something you work so hard for, and someone just comes and takes it from you. It’s a terrible feeling,” Price said. “It’s going to continue to happen. Everybody just.. they need to go find a job.”

If you know anything about this recent spike in car break-ins, you’re asked to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.

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