Treadaway withdraws name to fill vacant Memphis City Council seat

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A deadlock in Memphis City Council over the appointment of a District 1 member continued Wednesday as council adjourned without reaching any decision, and a top candidate withdrew his name.

Four council members who walked out of Tuesday’s meeting when council could not reach seven votes on any candidate did not return Wednesday, meaning there were not enough members for a vote.

According to Daily Memphis, those four city council members were Joe Brown, Patrice Robinson, Jamita Swearengen and Martavius Jones.

Meanwhile Lonnie Treadaway, the candidate backed by several council members, announced he would withdraw from the race. Treadaway had been a top contender for the job along with Rhonda Logan.

Treadaway, who said he moved to Memphis recently because of his job with Flinn Broadcasting, said he withdrew his name in the hope that the city could agree on a candidate.

Council will convene again Thursday and attempt to vote on the matter again, along with several other items leftover from Tuesday’s unfinished business including MLGW’s budget.

“We will meet tomorrow at 4 o’clock. If we don’t have a quorum at 4 o’clock tomorrow, we’ll meet on Friday. If we don’t get a quorum on Friday we’ll meet on Saturday,” council chairman Berlin Boyd.

Councilman Worth Morgan, who supported Treadaway, said the council might have to open the field back up if it can’t agree on a representative.

Council has a total of three seats on its 13-member board that must be filled by appointment after some members were elected to other seats.


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