Cameras catch group of thieves targeting cars on Midtown street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in one Midtown community are fed up and furious after several cars were broken into, but they know who they’re looking for because it was caught on camera.

It was minutes after 3 a.m. Thursday when a group of young men started rummaging through vehicles on Carr Avenue. Brianna Burroughs and her son were fast asleep, but Big Brother was watching.

“Oh my God, it was so weird seeing total strangers in my car,” Burroughs said. “There are Pampers back there and clothes, like they obviously saw that I’m a mom and I have a small child,  but they just took whatever they wanted–they didn’t care.”

Video shows one even trying the handle of a truck parked in the driveway, to see if it might be open as well.

“They took a wallet with nothing in it. It had a JC Penney’s card in it,” she said.

That might account for why they appear to walk off without a care in the world.

“They are taking their time, they are texting people as they go through,” Ryan Nichols said. “Just sitting there hanging out, probably making plans for later.”

Nichols says he is grateful he decided just a few months ago to install home cameras. Still, what happened was too close for comfort.

“It makes you feel violated, it makes you feel like nowhere is safe,” he said. “It’s like 20 feet from my front door, so they could have easily come inside as well.”

Nichols says the four captured on camera appear to have walked to the area before also stealing a neighbor’s van.

That gives him all the more reason to invest in even more security measures.

“I’ll probably put up more cameras than I already have,” he said. “I’m sure the neighbors probably will too. This is probably like the third time in the last year and a half something like this has happened.”

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