MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first full-service hotel in Southaven, Mississippi is set to open in 2025, according to the city’s mayor, Darren Musselwhite.

In a Facebook post, the mayor explained that the skyline-changing hotel would connect to a newly expanded convention center at the Landers Center. The $65 million development will have seven floors and 240 rooms.

Set on six acres, the hotel will have several accommodations, including a 3,500 square feet meeting space, a fitness room, and a resort-style swimming pool that will feature a lazy river.

Musselwhite says the area around the Landers Center is seeing the most growth and he wants that to continue. 

“We envision that that will become like a downtown area because you get so much more developable area there when you put a luxury style hotel there it’s going to naturally attract things that are of that same quality,” Musselwhite said.

He says once the entire project is complete it will have a huge economic impact on Southhaven and the surrounding areas

“Anytime you bring new people in a visit to your city that spend money, stay in a hotel eat at a restaurant and then obviously things that they do, purchase and gas everything else he just when you bring new money in your city it pays tremendous economic dividends to do your city into the county,” Musselwhite said.

Construction for the hotel will start in the third quarter of 2023, Musselwhite said. It’s projected to finish in 2025.

There are also plans to widen I-55 South and church road in Southaven to help with traffic. He says he hopes this development will incentivize the state to move faster.

“I’ve been preaching this and begging for help with this for about 10 years now,” Musselwhite said. “I do think that we are making some progress and I think this development will further you know push to stay in a hotel properly fun at the project to widen I 55.”

The mayor added, “I believe, without a doubt, that this project will become the most significant development for Desoto County’s future currently in existence.”