Memphis mayor orders car wash to close

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An East Buntyn business was still open after it was told by the city to shut down due to the novel coronavirus.

A staff member at the business said no one ever told them they needed to close until they heard from a reporter. She said the car wash was closed Tuesday after the owners confirmed with county officials the order to close.

Mayor Jim Strickland said Monday that one business had been ordered to close by inspectors for not following health orders to close.

But WREG found the Soft Cloth Car Wash on Southern Avenue was still open, with a line of customers outside.

Strickland extended his executive order to last through April 21. The order says people are to stay at home and non-essential businesses must close. Law enforcement and code officials will continue to make sure people and businesses comply.

“It has been given an order to shut down,” Strickland said.

He said the car wash did not listen and still is not listening. The mayor’s staff said city crews would check out the situation.

Strickland said 140 businesses have been reported for violating his order. 134 were called on and all but the car wash complied. He also said the health department received 15 calls about churches and Memphis police received reports about 41 crowds in public or at their home.

“It is going to take time but we will get through this together,” Strickland said. “We must come together to stay apart.”

If you see anyone violating the mayor’s order, you can call 311.

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