NEW VIDEO: Bus driver attacked by two students in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police said two students attacked a bus driver in North Memphis Tuesday.

It happened at Heard and Oakwood as the driver dropped students off.

"They just started jumping him," said Robert Parson who works at the market on the corner. "When I came out of the store, there were a bunch of kids running around."

Several bus riders claimed the driver said something disrespectful to a student causing the student and his buddy to retaliate and punch the driver over and over again in his head.

"He stopped the bus, and he tried to call police and everything," said one rider.

Once they arrived, the driver told officers he was just sitting there when he was attacked. He reportedly grabbed one student, but the other kept swinging.

The driver said the two then bolted off the bus, snatched a beer bottle off the street and chucked it at him.

Those on the scene said the driver was in bad shape but didn't go to the hospital.

"Busted lip, and he got cut across the stomach with a beer bottle," said Parson.

Officers were nearby investigating another crime. They got to the scene fast and questioned students.

As of Wednesday evening, they said they are still searching for the students involved.

Durham School Services has yet to tell us what it found out and who the bus driver was but did say the driver is on leave pending the investigation.

Shelby County Schools said it too is trying to find out who was involved and what happened.

Several riders told WREG students recorded the fight. There was also a camera on the bus.

After receiving video of the incident, WREG is still pushing for answers.

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