Burlington employee accused of attacking woman, 11-year-old boy outside store

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Burlington Coat Factory employee was arrested after police say she attacked a customer and her 11-year-old son outside the store.

The victim told police it all began after she and a store employee named Jessica Morris got into an argument inside the store at 4991 Stage Road.

Police say Morris got upset because her register wasn’t working and took it out on the customer who asked if she should switch to another lane.

The argument reportedly escalated and a manager was called in, resulting in another argument. Morris was eventually asked to leave the store and escorted out by another employee.

Ten minutes later the woman and her son were walking out of the store when Morris reportedly charged the woman, starting a fight. The woman said she lost her balance and fell. That’s when her son stepped in and was attacked.

Police said while the boy was on the ground Morris kicked him.

Customers nearby saw what was happening and jumped in to help the woman and her son.

The female victim reportedly sustained several scratches and bruises during the attack while her son broke his arm.

Morris was arrested on Sept. 23 and charged with assault and aggravated child abuse.

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