Burglar opens fire when victim tries to get his license plate number

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are looking for a pair of car burglars who started shooting at a victim while he tried to write down their license plate number.

“Heard my alarm go off. I looked out the window, saw my door open and a guy standing in the passenger door,” said the victim who wanted to keep his identity hidden for safety reasons.

He told WREG as soon as he saw a stranger snooping through his car Tuesday morning, he hopped out of bed and ran down three flights of stairs to confront him.

“The adrenalin was pumping. I wasn’t thinking. I wanted to get a hold of these guys,” said the victim.

The suspect reportedly saw the victim coming, took off and hopped into a white truck down Hidden Lake Drive where a getaway driver was waiting.

The victim hopped into his car too.

“I pulled down to try to get the license plate tag number, and they pulled out and fired three shots at me,” he said.

The bullets went flying and lodged into the rear and passenger side of the victim’s car.

“Went through the side door. If only they had a bigger caliber weapon, it probably would have gone through me,” he said.

Thankful he wasn’t hit, the victim checked his car and realized the thieves got away with his wallet, driver’s license and credit card.

He called 911 prompting police to canvas the Raleigh area.

The victim said he’s not worried the suspects have yet to be caught.

“What goes around, comes around,” said the victim.

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